How Local SEO can Help Get Your Business Noticed

How Local SEO can Help Get Your Business Noticed

As a local business owner who has a website, you’ve probably hear a great deal about search engine optimization (SEO) and how that can bring in more web traffic which in turn is suppose to send more customers through the doors of your business. It is true that a widely renowned Private Blog Network company (like the one at or an SEO is the best passive marketing system for businesses that have a global reach as it provides them with naturally high rankings for web customers looking for their products or services.

However, local businesses, retail stores and restaurants that rely on building a customer base in their own community do not benefit as much from standard SEO practices. This is because SEO is used to create web traffic so people can make purchases online. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for businesses, stores and restaurants that are looking to pull in customers off the street through their website. Look for a Specialized Roofing SEO Company like Black Storm Roofer Marketing to really give you the outcome you are expecting for your business.

Local seo helps pull in potential customers that live in your community and want the products or services that your business provides. Today, local SEO is working for businesses in communities all around the world and has proven to be quite effective in marketing to new generations about well established stores and restaurants in their local area. The web accessibility consultant ensures accessibility is done right, and enables faster adoption of new technologies to address your business goals and requirements.

What is Local SEO?

Put simple, local SEO is attracting potential customers to your website by having your business highly ranked on popular search engines when people are looking for the products or services that you offer. Unlike standard SEO which is designed to attract web customers from around the world, local SEO is used to attract people who live in your community to find out what you have to offer.

However simple that explanation is, there is more to local SEO than simply adding the town or city name to popular SEO keywords or key phrases on your website. Basically, instead of link building which is a hallmark of standard SEO techniques, you’ll need to focus more on local reviews, Name Address Phone Number (NAP) citations and the My Business signals that brings customers to your website. All of these tasks can be made easy if you have the services of the right SEO agency at your disposal. For instance SEO from Glasgow (, is an agency that extends SEO services as well as web designing and development at highly affordable prices.

In order to start up your local search engine optimization efforts, you will need to employ certain techniques to achieve your goals.

How to Rank your Business Locally

There are a few things you’ll need to in order to get started on the right foot. But if you follow them, it will help you in creating more local attention online. Check out to begin with.

Google My Business: You’ll need to start up an account on Google My Business so that your business will be officially recognized by Google. The set up process is easy because their website will take you through it step-by-step, but there are some things that you’ll need to add.

  • Good description of your business with plenty of links
  • Selecting the right category, uploading photos of your business, phone number and address
  • A really good, high quality cover photo and profile image (your logo works well here)
  • Times you are open and actual customer reviews

Upload NAP Information

Be consistent in uploading the name, address and phone number of your business. The contact and street address info is very important and it should be the same across all web pages. In addition, you may want to use a specialized program that will ensure your correct information is properly displayed on the web.

Get Local Reviews

Reviews that are local have a powerful impact on your search engine rankings, so you will need to acquire enough of them to really boost your presence on the web. This means Google, Yelp and other reviews from local directories. Start with your customer base and then work your way outwards until you have plenty of good reviews.

Local SEO Details

Here are a few tips to help augment your local SEO that will help boost your business profile to customers in your community.

  • Add your city or town with a proper keyword to the tag in your landing page.
  • Add the same or other relevant keywords with your city or town to your landing page H1 tag, URL, content and image ALT attributes.
  • Google Map should be embedded with your business marker on your landing page.

Also, make sure that your website is mobile friendly as more customers are using smartphones and tablets to make local searches.

Building Local Links and Citations

This is arguably the most important part of your local SEO efforts. The focus should be getting links from other local websites, particularly ones which are in a similar industry as your own business. You can start with local directories and work on getting citations as well.

A citation refers to your NAP and do not even need to be directly linked as long as your name, address and phone number are present. Just be sure that the information is correct. You can use web instruments like Bright Local to ensure that all of your citations are identical. However, getting local citations does require a little work.

  • Use sources like WhiteSpark to upload local citations
  • Use the Moz website to submit your citations
  • Do competitive link research with Open Site Explorer to see what your competition is doing
  • Use Google Alerts to track new mentions of your NAP listings

There are a few tips you can use to get more citations and start up your link building efforts. The first step is fairly straightforward in that you search out local events that are relevant to what you do. By signing up as a sponsor (which is usually pretty cheap), you can get a highly authoritative local link.

  • Make a local resource out of public info and get press coverage
  • Create a local “Meetup” space to bring in links
  • Provide discounts for local organizations to exchange for links
  • Get press request services for local, authoritative links and more

You can really use your imagination in pulling in local businesses and organizations to help you share links which will in turn boost your local standing. You can also use CTR from the SERP which provides a good ranking signal and continue to focus on local links to expand your presence on the web. In this manner, you’ll do wonders for your local SEO and bring more customers in through your door.

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