What is Pinterest?

pinterestPinterest is a free website tool that enables you to discover things. If you find a certain topic interesting, all you need to do is Pin it. It is an app that provides avenue for users to discover, collect, and share visual bookmarks.

With Pinterest, you can make as well as collect visual bookmarks or the so called boards. How to create these boards? It is by means of selecting a page, website and so on and so forth. After that, have it pinned it a newly made board. You can also save and share these pins from numerous resources based on certain considerations such as themes, holidays, parties etc. The purpose of the boards is to establish a plan after it has been discovered for the benefit of the end user.

Pinterest can be enjoyed by many individual as it comes for free. It is a free site where in you are not required to pay something for anything. All you need to do is to register and you can now use it. By means of this free tool, you can now upload the images which you will call pins. In addition, you will also have a direct access to other media contents such as images and videos. This will be through the Pin board collection.

Pinterest also allows you to browse main page content. In this way, you can store the individual pin to one of your boards. Thanks to the Pin It button. This platform comes along with an organized topics or themes. Whatever experience you want to personalize, you can use Pinterest. This is made possible by pinning the items, making the boards and dealing with the other users.

In addition, you can find contents outside Pinterest. You can download it to the bookmark bar with the help of a web browser as your platform. What’s more? You are also capable of sending a pin to other users as well email accounts. This is now the function of the Send button. Some of the websites make use of white and red buttons which enable you to directly pin the items.

So, how can you register a Pinterest account? If you have a friend who already has an account with Pinterest, you can receive an invitation. Also, your friends can send a direct invitation to the Pinterest site. In the latter case, you have to be patient in waiting as it could take some time to be read by the site. Aside from these ways, you can also register by accessing to Facebook or Twitter social profile. When there are items that are pinned on the board, you can notify your followers.

The pin feed is included in the main page of Pinterest. It displays the event of the user in a chorological order. If you are looking for a new board or significant pins, all you need to do is to visit Tastemakers. These are pages that suggest what you look for.

Pinterest have been enjoyed by many users. If you don’t have an account yet, register now and you will realize what you would have missed when you have not landed in this article.

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